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About Kentucky-based food writer and blogger JC Phelps

Hey, y’all! I’m JC – a consultant by day and a Louisville-based blogger by night. Welcome to JCP Eats, my Kentucky southern food + lifestyle blog; I’m so glad that you are here!

I have written for over 10 years on different platforms, though decided to start JCP Eats in 2014 after a journey with disordered eating. Here on the blog, I like to share glimpses into both my kitchen and my life in the south. The grass is a little greener (and the tea is most certainly sweeter) south of the Mason-Dixon by my standard.

Above all else, I’d describe myself as a Kentuckian. I was raised on the family farmland that was homesteaded by my ancestors in 1798. From thoroughbred racing, to bourbon, to bluegrass music, to that good ol’ southern food – Kentucky is who I am. It’s my identity. And I hope y’all see that through my writing.

I believe in eating well, traveling often, being a gentleman, and enjoying every moment of the life that I’ve been blessed with. Stay a while, won’t ya?

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