About JC:

As Loretta Lynn, one of my idols, said: “If you’re lookin’ at me, you’re lookin’ at country.”

My name is JC Phelps, II and I’m a country boy turned Louisvillian. I grew up on the family farm in Jamestown, Kentucky, which was homesteaded in 1798. I thank the Lord each day for giving me my life below the Mason-Dixon Line. Kentucky, to me, is not just a Commonwealth – it’s a heritage. Learn more about my KY roots here.

In my personal life, I’m a law student, MBA grad, Centre College alumnus, Episcopalian, and social media consultant. When I’m not dream-chasin’, you can catch me tryin’ out the newest restaurant, enjoyin’ time with my beloved friends and family, and sippin’ on a Diet Coke and/or sweet tea.

Whether I’m eating at the French Laundry or chowin’ down on a pot of soup beans and a pone of cornbread, I’m equally as happy. I’m a southerner with varied tastes – and JCP Eats is the culmination of all of those.


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