Hey, y’all! I’m JC Phelps and welcome to my cranny of the internet. Y’all stick around – I’m grab ya a cup of sweet tea!

 I am a blogger, food writer, content creator, and social media marketing consultant based in Louisville, Kentucky.

JCP Eats is my guide, as a Kentuckian, to the good life. I believe in eating well, traveling often, and unabashedly living life.

This platform started as an outlet for me to overcome an eating disorder on Instagram; I took photos of my food to change the relationship that I have with food. My form of therapy turned into my passion and then into my full-time job. How crazy is that, y’all?


JCP Eats is a Limited Liability Company organized in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All content on this website, unless otherwise stated, is the intellectual property of JC Phelps; further, it cannot be used or replicated without appropriate permission.



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