Kentucky Day Trip: Georgetown, KY - Evan’s Orchard

Though I have blogged for over a decade, I found my niche within the culinary world. Launched on Instagram in 2014, JCP Eats is my guide to the good life: one that is well-fed, well-traveled, and well-lived. My relationship with my sustenance hasn’t always been glamorous, as I have been diagnosed with two eating disorders in my life + have struggled with severe body dysmorphia. That said, taking photos of my food changed my relationship with it; this later led me to create this space – one that has provided therapy, induced growth, and, quite frankly, changed my life.

Welcome to my nook and cranny of the internet, y’all. My name is JC – and I’m tickled pink that you are here!


One thing will be evident to you, dear reader: I’m a proud Kentuckian. I was raised on the family farmland that was homesteaded by my ancestors in 1798. Over 200 years later, we haven’t left our slice of heaven in Southern Kentucky – and it still proves to be my favorite place in the world.

From thoroughbred racing, to bourbon, to bluegrass music, to that good ol’ southern food – Kentucky is who I am. It’s my identity. And I hope y’all see that through my writing.


Here on the blog, you’ll see my passion for local restaurants: I review iconic institutions, mom and pop shops, along with the new, up-and-coming spots for y’all. While I love dining out, I also love to cook – and you’ll find many recipes here from the heart of my cast iron skillet.

I believe in eating well, traveling often, and enjoying every second of the life that I have been blessed with. It is my intention, until my last breath, to chronicle that here on the Internet with y’all.



By day, I am a Business Consultant with Kentucky’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC); by night, I’m a content creator and chief taste tester here at JCP Eats.

I graduated from Centre College in 2016 with a BS in Economics and Finance; after undergrad, I then completed my MBA at Western Kentucky University’s Gordon Ford College of Business. I am currently contemplating my next move in academia – stay tuned!



All photographs, content, and stories found here on www.jcpeats.com, and all associated digital platforms, are the intellectual property of JC Phelps.

JCP Eats, LLC is a Limited Liability Company organized in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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