JC Phelps Kentucky Blogger

Hey, y’all. I’m JC – and I thank you for stopping by my nook and cranny of the internet. Sit on down and I’ll pour ya a glass of sweet tea!

I’m a fiercely loyal southerner, the most devout mayonnaise fan below the Mason-Dixon Line, and pimento cheese’s biggest cheerleader. I split my time between my home in Louisville and my home in the Lake Cumberland region of Kentucky, where I was raised. Outside of the kitchen, I enjoy thoroughbred racing, antiquing, golfing, and traveling.

My love of food stems from family. Like many in the South, food is a consistent love language around these parts. I grew up eatin’ soup beans, cornbread from the decades-old cast iron skillet, fried chicken that is write your MeeMaw good, and pies with meringues halfway to heaven. I am inspired largely by the matriarchs of my life and this website, in large part, is in honor of them.

By day, I am a management consultant; by night, I’m working in the kitchen to bring y’all my next recipe. I have written across different platforms for over a decade. I hold degrees in Economics and Finance from Centre College; an MBA from Western Kentucky University; and am currently a candidate for a Ph.D. in business.

Stay a while, won’t ya? I’m so glad you are here.

JC Phelps Kentucky Blogger
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