Dittos Grill: Highlands, Louisville Eatery

July 1, 2019
Ditto’s Grill in the Highlands, Louisville, KY

Hey, y’all! Dittos Grill has been a staple in the Louisville dining scene for decades; conveniently located on Bardstown Rd, Dittos plates up delicious, globally-inspired dishes in the popular Highlands Neighborhood of the city. If you are looking for your next dinner destination, look no further than Dittos Grill!

This post is in partnership with Dittos Grill. Thank you all for supporting those that make JCP Eats possible. All opinions expressed are my own. Originally posted July 2019, updated May 2021.

Dittos Grill: Highlands

I am often skeptical of menus that feature a wide variety of cuisines; however, without hesitation, I can say that Dittos executes their menu seamlessly. In my opinion, it’s because they share my philosophy on food: simple dishes elevated by excellent ingredients.

Dittos rotates their featured menu on a monthly basis; whenever visiting, I highly recommend that you order off of it! On my recent visit, I started with the street tacos: stir fry chicken, mushrooms + bamboo shoots, rice noodles, diced cucumber, avocado, salsa verde and crispy noodles. Two thumbs up!


Next came the stacked ribs: two pounds of ribs, dry rub, and tobacco onions, served with a loaded baked potato.

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Between courses (and, well, before and after, too!), don’t miss out on their cocktail menu. It’s all-encompassing, with an offering for any palate.


Dittos Sizzling Southwest Fajitas come with your choice of chicken breast, hanger steak, or shrimp on a bed of Spanish rice with sautéed onions and peppers. On the side, you’ll find shredded lettuce, tomato salsa, guacamole, shredded cheese, and flour tortillas. This is SO much food, y’all – and I love the build-it-yourself concept. 10/10 recommend.

chicken fajitas

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After talking to the chef and one of the owners, the topic of soup somehow surfaced at the table. I was talking about how much I love creamy tomato soup, as it is my favorite comfort food. Immediately, he sent out for a bowl of his tomato soup for me to try. It was, to understate, the best that I’ve ever had. Creamy – and full of lemon and ginger – it was delightful.

tomato soup

Last – but certainly not least – was dessert. Dittos is known for their pies & sweets, and upon tasting them, I understand why. I sampled both the key lime pie (a favorite of mine) + the featured cobbler.

The Experience

Love reading about Dittos Grill? Check out more of my Louisville blog posts here!

Dittos has a large menu, perfect for any diner or dining companion. I’m excited to explore it more myself. That said, everything that I sampled was top-notch.

Also of note are the affordable prices. Lower than I expected, with portions that were larger than expected, it was a pleasant surprise, given the quality of the food.

Visit Ditto’s Grill

You can visit Ditto’s Grill at 1114 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204.

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Love reading about Dittos Grill? Check out my other blog posts here!

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