The 8 Louisville Foods That I’m Immediately Having Post-Quarantine

May 20, 2020
Yummy Pollo Peruvian Chicken in Louisville KY

Hey, y’all!

COVID-19 has certainly changed our year, our local businesses, and – I would argue – our lives. That said, when safe, I am very much looking forward to visiting more of my local favorites around the city of Louisville. The restaurant scene in Louisville is what makes Louisville the unique, quirky, eclectic city that it is. We are, at our core, a city where food reigns triumphant.

While I have been supporting restaurants via curbside service + take-out, it’s still not the same experience as dining-in; thus, here’s a list of the first 8 items/meals that I am going to order when I begin returning to restaurants at my normal frequency:

Yummy Pollo Peruvian Chicken in Louisville KY

1. Yummy Pollo Peruvian Style Charcoal Chicken

4222 Bishop Ln., Louisville, KY 40218

There’s chicken, y’all – and then there’s Yummy Pollo. The chicken is extremely fresh and you can watch it roast over charcoal right behind the counter. I order the half white plate with cilantro rice and yuca fries. Pro tip: get extra of both varieties of sauce. It is next level delicious.

Toastie from Harvey's Cheese in Logan Street Market, photo by JC Phelps of JCP Eats

2. Toastie, Harvey’s Cheese

Logan Street Market, 1001 Logan St., Louisville, KY 40204

Harvey’s is the first speciality cheese shop in Louisville; I can’t recommend their selection enough. However, it’s not just about their cheese. Oh, no. The toastie is where it’s at, y’all. Their gourmet cheese toasties (aka grilled cheeses) are finger-lickin’ good. While they have classics on the menu year-round, they also offer specials, such as the Cuban Toastie that is pictured. I don’t say this lightly, but I say it with all sincerity: this is the best grilled cheese you will ever consume.

The Best Fried Chicken Sandwich in Louisville, La Peche, by JC Phelps of JCP Eats

3. Burger’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, La Peche

1147 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY 40204

La Peche, which is attached to Lilly’s in the Highlands, is one of my favorite spots in the city. It’s a gourmet delicatessen with the most delectable case of entrees + sides. That said, you can also dine in and enjoy many delicious dishes and sandwiches, such as the Burger’s Fried Chicken. It’s my favorite fried chicken sandwich in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Yes, I said it.

Tuna Poke Burrito from Down One Bourbon Bar

4. Tuna Poke Burrito, Down One Bourbon Bar

321 W. Main St, Louisville, KY 40202

One of my favorite treats when downtown? The Tuna Poke Burrito from Down One Bourbon Bar. It’s as unique as it sounds: a tortilla wrapped around tuna poke, sticky rice, avocado, ponzu mayonnaise, crispy shallots, cilantro, and sesame seeds. It’s light, delicious, and I crave it oh-so-often.

Brunch at Walker's Exchange in Louisville, KY

5. Mimosas, Walker’s Exchange

 Galt House Hotel, 140 N. Fourth St, Louisville, KY 40202

Brunch, y’all. I miss it, I crave it, and one of the best spots for it in the city is Walker’s Exchange in the historic Galt House Hotel. If you haven’t seen the renovations, you’ll be amazed at the modern beauty of the property. That said, come to see the property, stay for the food. If you can catch one of their brunch buffets, do yourself a favor and treat yourself. While you’re at it, have a mimosa (or two).

Fried Chicken and Waffles from Butchertown Grocery

6. Chicken and Waffles, Butchertown Grocery

1076 E. Washington St, Louisville, KY 40206

Arguably one of my favorite dishes in Louisville, Chef Bobby Benjamin’s chicken and waffles are quintessentially southern. His version has chiles, fried rosemary + leeks, mint, and syrup — different, unique, and a complete standout in a city chock-full of worthy orders. Try it once and you’ll order it consistently.

Steak from Morton's Steakhouse

7. Steak Dinner, Morton’s The Steakhouse

626 W. Main St, Louisville, KY 40202

I think we all have that one restaurant that is nostalgic and/or meaningful to us. The restaurant that tops that list for me is Morton’s. While a small chain, I am thankful that we have a location in Louisville. Dining at Morton’s is posh, romantic, and consistently top-notch. The meal starts with an onion bread; from there, I usually go for either the French Onion Soup or Lobster Bisque, followed by a steak. I love dining at high-end steakhouses because they offer food that I never find myself preparing at home.

Berry Galette from Blue Dog Bakery

8. Berry Galette, Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe

2868 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40206

To choose one item to order at Blue Dog is near-criminal. I always leave with a baguette or two and I strongly recommend you to do the same. That said, when selecting a speciality item, I find myself gravitating to the berry galette. Simple, rustic, and so satisfying. Give this Frankfort Avenue staple a try next time you’re in the area (or, drive out to visit it — trust me: it’s worth it).

Where do y’all plan to dine when it’s safe to do so?

As always: Happy Eating, Happy Traveling, Happy Living.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

My best,


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