Sushi To Go: The Perfect Dinner In Lexington, KY

June 11, 2019
Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Hey, y’all!

There are few things that I love more than sushi and convenience. Convenience and quality, at times, are mutually exclusive; however, I’m happy to let you in on a little secret: they don’t have to be!

Y’all know that I love the Summit at Fritz Farm — a fabulous development in Lexington, KY that offers a variety of shopping + dining options. However, eating at the Summit just got a lot easier!

My friends at Blue Sushi Sake Grill now offer order pick-up via their mobile app, which is available in the App Store of your smartphone. Yes. You read that correctly. Get excited, y’all!

JC Phelps (JCP Eats) at Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Lexington, KY


As an entrepreneur, I find myself constantly on the go — and I know that many of you feel the same. Whether you are a busy professional, an individual devoted to their family, someone with a jam-packed social schedule — we all want to, at the end of the day, make our lives easier.

When you open the Blue Sushi Sake Grill App, you will find that the entire menu is easy to browse, as it is subdivided into sections. The best part for me was that each item had a photo, which made my selections across their vast menu much, much easier.

The process is as simple as adding the item into your cart, paying with your card, and being told when to show up to pick up your items. The wait time for my order was around 30 minutes, which was more than reasonable because – well, to be frank – I didn’t hold back in the selection process. Everything was made fresh and couldn’t have been more delicious. Treat yourself, am I right?

What to order? Well, I’m so glad you asked! 

JC Phelps (JCP Eats) at Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Lexington, KY

As for appetizers, the crispy rice cakes, which are topped with spicy bigeye tuna, scallions, and tatami sauce, were a huge hit. I also really enjoyed the lettuce wraps + crab rangoons + fried calamari + seaweed salad with snow crab.


For sushi, buckle up, y’all. I tried several of the rolls — and they were top-notch!

The Hawaiian Roll was a crowd favorite, which was tempura fried and had salmon, crab, mango, and mirin mango purée. I also really enjoyed The Lion King, which was filled with a crab mix, cucumber, avocado, spicy salmon, eel sauce, and spicy mayo.

As for vegetarian options, a highlight was the Shiitake to Me, which featured mushrooms sautéed in coconut milk, shiitake and sweet potato vegan tempura, truffle oil, sweet soy, and thai basil; another one that received two thumbs up was the Thai Hippie, which was stuffed with tofu vegan tempura, avocado, cucumber, and carrot — and topped with thai peanut sauce, cashew with thai basil, cilantro, mint, and a red onion salad.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Lexington, KY

Like dessert? I definitely recommend getting the mochi, which is a variety of four sticky rice cakes filled with vanilla, chocolate, mango, and green tea ice cream. Other highlights include the chocolate torte, tempura fried ice cream, and chocolate spring rolls.

Whether you are headed to the ballpark, coming home from the gym, or you simply don’t want to cook at home, let my friends at Blue Sushi Sake Grill take care of dinner. I am sure that they will take great care of you!

JC Phelps (JCP Eats) at Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Lexington, KY

To learn more about their app, click HERE.

Want a present from me? How does $5 off your next mobile to-go order sound? To redeem, click HERE; after claimed, your offer is good for 14 days.

One last thing. A little secret, if you will. A little birdie told me that delivery will be coming to the restaurant later this year… stay tuned for that announcement!

You can visit the Lexington location of Blue Sushi Sake Grill at:

105 Summit At Fritz Farm Suite 130

Lexington, KY 40517

As always: Happy Eating, Happy Traveling, Happy Living!

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

My best,


FTC: This is a sponsored post; however, as always, all opinions are my own.



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