A Drink For You: The Mocktail Project

February 26, 2019

Hey, y’all!

I recently befriended a kick-ass Kentuckian named Jesse Hawkins. He has an incredible story – one that led him to create the Mocktail Project.

What is the Mocktail Project? It’s a grassroots movement empowering social environments to be safer and more inclusive. Specifically, it aims to foster an environment where cocktails and mocktails can coexist.

That, to me, is a powerful notion. In a social environment, it should not matter what’s inside your glass. However, it does matter – a lot, actually – to make sure that events and spaces are welcoming to everyone, regardless of their stance on alcohol and/or their personal journey.

Jesse and I will be doing more work together in the future; that said, I have an invitation to extend to you!


Please join me for “A Drink For You”, the Mocktail Project’s second annual charity event. All will feel included in this event space, which features music, cocktails and mocktails, food from local chefs, and a live mocktail competition!

“Everyone deserves the option to enjoy a crafted beverage, whether they choose to consume alcohol or not,” said The Mocktail Project’s founder, Jesse Hawkins. “’A Drink For You’ is designed to move beyond a traditional fundraising model and engage the community in eliminating social barriers.”

Funds raised during the evening will support local recovery efforts and provide access to high-quality, non-alcoholic drink options in Kentucky’s most vibrant social settings.

Auctioneer Bill Menish of SVN Premier will emcee the evening and guide guests through the event. Otis Junior & The Jesse Lee’s will perform live in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail speakeasy, while Chef Bobby Benjamin of Butchertown Grocery will prepare tapas style dishes in collaboration with other Louisville chefs.

Contestants in the mocktail competition will include participants from Copper & Kings, Cooper’s Craft, and Rabbit Hole Distillery.

The Judges Panel includes Heather Wibbels, the Bourbon Women’s Cocktail Contessa, Josh Johnson, the Kentucky Gent, and, well, me!

“A Drink For You” is supported by a diverse group of industry sponsors, including Ale-8-One, Brown-Forman Corporation, Kentucky Distillers’ Association, and Mint Julep Experiences with support from Bourbon Barrel Foods, Clear/Cut Phocus, Heaven Hill Distillery, Rabbit Hole Distillery, Republic Bank, and RE’AL Mixers.


Won’t you join me on March 12th at the Frazier History Museum? I’d love to see all y’all!

You can purchase tickets HERE — use code “JCPEATS” for $5 off!

Also, be sure to check out my IG (@jcpeats) – I’ll be giving away two tickets!

As Always: Happy Eating, Happy Traveling, Happy Living.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

My best,


FTC: This is not a sponsored post; rather, it is donated media for a charity event that I am judging.

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