The Historic Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant

August 17, 2018

Hey, y’all!

During my recent trip to Berea, Kentucky, I was honored to be hosted by the Historic Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant!


I love the history of the property. To quote, “A historic Berea hotel, Boone Tavern was built in 1909 at the suggestion of Nellie Frost, the wife of the College president, William G. Frost. As the reputation of Berea College grew, so did the number of guests that Mrs. Frost received, reaching a total of 300 guests in one summer. Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant– named for Appalachian hero Daniel Boone – has been hosting visitors of Berea, Kentucky, ever since, including the Dalai Lama, Henry Ford, President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, and Robert Frost.

Construction of Boone Tavern began in 1909 based on designs by the New York architectural firm of Cady & See at a cost of $20,000. The building, made of bricks manufactured by students in the College’s brickyard, was constructed by the College’s Woodwork Department. The “Tavern” portion of the name is derived from the historic definition that refers to a public inn for travelers rather than the modern definition related to the sale of alcohol.

Built at a prominent location on the College Square in the heart of Berea where the old Dixie Highway intersected with the campus, Boone Tavern is one of the most famous Kentucky hotels.”


With 63 guest rooms, guests have ample options to stay at a property chock-full of history. Boone Tavern is a member of the Historic Hotels of America; furthermore, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Upon checking in, I learned that I was honored as the Guest of the Day. What a surprise!



The decor of the hotel is just stunning. Elegant, enduring, and southern to the greatest extent of the word.


When you stay at a property like Boone Tavern, you realize that all details – even the small ones – are thought about. One of my favorite parts of the experience is that you use an actual key to enter your room. However small, I love the touch; traditional room keys trump swipe/scan room keys.


My room was gorgeous. Large and comfortable – it felt like home. Apart from that, the bathroom was grandiose. Oversized and complete with an amazing jacuzzi — I certainly made use of the amenities!



If that isn’t enough to incentivize you to plan a trip to Berea (though I know it is), let’s talk about the amazing restaurant located in Boone Tavern. Let me tell you — this restaurant is a Kentucky diamond. It’s a rite of passage to dine here. It’s timeless, classic, and – if I do say so myself – downright delicious.

The food:


Fried deviled eggs – yes, you read that correctly. Divine.


A magnificent fried green tomato salad!


The highlight of my meal: local tomatoes, sweet peaches, and the most magical, creamy ricotta. Delicious!


The bass was delicious — a Kentucky classic! Plus, it was plated beautifully!


A classic at the restaurant: Chicken Flakes In a Bird’s Nest.


And, of course, bread pudding!

Though alcohol is served in the restaurant, the perfect way to end the evening is to visit the bar right next to the dining room. I met some great people and enjoyed a delicious gin martini (or two). It was a perfect ending to a perfect stay.


I want to sincerely thank Berea Tourism and the Historic Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant for sponsoring this stay. It was one for the books – and one that I will be talking about for a long while!


As always, Happy Eating, Happy Traveling, Happy Living!

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

My best,


FTC: This is a commissioned post. All opinions, however, are my own.



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