A Letter To My Best Friend On Her College Graduation

May 19, 2018

Shelby, or as I like to call you, sister:

You’ve finished your undergraduate career! What a feat – certainly one to celebrate!


Let’s reminiscence, shall we?

I met you when you were a freshman at Centre College during your first week of classes; I, a Junior at the time, was in the same Philosophy class as you with Dr. Eva Cadavid. Upon finding out that you, too, were a Southern Kentuckian (and the Lake Cumberland region, to boot) – I had to befriend you.

While I immediately wanted to be your friend, I had no idea what would transpire. I didn’t think I’d be inheriting family, a travel partner, a confidant, a ride or die, a person that I love with every ounce of my being. But, I did – and I’m eternally grateful.

Our commonalities are ever-evolving. You’re moving to Louisville, my city. We will always share our SOKY heritage, our love for our alma mater, and now we are taking on law school together. Think of a more iconic duo – I dare you.


Though we are only two years apart, I feel much older than you. In fact, I see you as the younger sibling that I never had. I’m protective, defensive, and most importantly, incessantly proud.

My bestowment upon you today, the day before you graduate, is a demand. Well, that’s a little harsh – it’s a request, one that it would strongly behoove you to follow. What is it?

Start seeing yourself the way that I see you.

You are strong, beautiful, intelligent, kind.

You have a way to make me laugh that no one else does, even if it makes me roll my eyes.

You have a giving heart, a southern spirit – something that is rare, pure, and to be celebrated.

You have determination and the skill to back it up.

You are worthy, deserving.

You are the best – and you are capable.

I’ll always be in your corner.


I cannot wait to see you walk the line tomorrow – I’m not sure I’ve ever been so proud of you! Let’s kick some law school ass in the coming years & make this world a better, more equitable place.

I love you, sister.



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