Commonwealth Collaborations | The Culture Club Presents: Pinoy Brunch Pop Up

I was so honored to partner with the Culture Club again this month!

The Culture Club Presents can be attributed to the brains and the talent of Sunshine Flagg, a fabulous Louisville-based chef. To quote their website, “Each month, she opens her kitchen to friends and strangers alike to share a meal. With 17+ years of experience in many professional kitchens throughout New York City, and a multi-cultural background with specialties in Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Sunshine’s kitchen offers an intimate place to share in each other’s culture, food, and stories.”

What I enjoy about the Culture Club is that it exposes the Louisville taste palate to new, diverse, multifaceted flavors from around the world. I tasted something new and delicious with each bite – which, for a foodie, is a dream come true.

This month’s Pinoy Brunch Pop Up was held at Akasha Brewing Company in NuLu; I tried many new-to-me dishes – and for that, I am grateful.

The Menu:


Pan de Sal with Coco Jam


Silog (Garlic Fried Rice with Egg)


Longanisa (Via Commonwealth Cure)

Homemade Spam


Corned Beef


Champorado w/ Tuyo (sweet chocolate rice porridge)


Itlog Na Maalat w/ Kamatis (Salted Duck Egg with Tomato)

Taho (soft tofu,  sago pearls)


Sapin-Sapin (glutinous rice and coconut dessert)

If you are in the Louisville (or surrounding) area, you should definitely check out an evening/brunch with the Culture Club. To find out about upcoming events, follow them on Facebook, visit their website, or stay up-to-date via their Instagram. Tell Sunshine that I sent ya!

As always, Happy Eating!

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

My best,


FTC: I was not compensated for this post. I, at times, am fortunate enough to receive accommodations in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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