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Today’s feature is a NuLu (Market St.) staple – Mayan Cafe. Now, friends, I’ll say this – I am embarrassed. No, humiliated. I am humiliated that it took me this long to try the Mayan Cafe; this is especially true because I studied abroad in the Yucatán, an area of México with a vibrant Mayan population. The food that I enjoyed in the region comprises some of my favorite experiences and memories with food; on a similar note, Mayan Cafe did not disappoint. In fact, it took me back – and for that, I thank them.


The cuisine is authentic, as per their website: “The Mayan culture, one known for rich cooking traditions, lives on through our chef, Bruce Ucán, a Mayan Indian from Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. Here at the Mayan Café, Chef Ucán fuses traditional Mayan flavors, ingredients & cooking techniques with local, sustainably-farmed ingredients.”


The website also stresses their dedication to farm-to-table dining: “The concept of sustainability is at the core of what we do and how we do it. We source our meat exclusively from local farms and use as much sustainably-farmed local produce & cheese as is seasonally available. We believe in what our farmers are doing and also believe that incorporating those products into our dishes makes better food. Farm-to-table dining is how Chef Bruce grew up eating, and it’s at the foundation of his understanding of food.”


Mayan Cafe was the restaurant pioneer in Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood; of that, I have deep respect. Be sure to try their cochinita pibil (I fondly remember eating this after exploring Mayan ruins; the restaurant prepared it in a hole in the ground out back. One of my favorite México memories!), plantains, and tok-sel lima beans!


Y’all come back now, ya hear?

As always, Happy Eating!

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