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I was so honored to partner with the Culture Club this month. What’s the Culture Club? I’d be honored to tell ya – as Zooey Deschanel says in my favorite She & Him song, why don’t you sit right down and stay a while?!

The Culture Club Presents can be attributed to the brains and the talent of Sunshine Flagg, a fabulous Louisville-based chef. To quote their website, “Each month, she opens her kitchen to friends and strangers alike to share a meal. With 17+ years of experience in many professional kitchens throughout New York City, and a multi-cultural background with specialties in Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Sunshine’s kitchen offers an intimate place to share in each other’s culture, food, and stories.”

What I enjoyed about the Culture Club is that it is essentially a warm, close-knit supper club that exposes the Louisville taste palate to new, diverse, multifaceted flavors from around the world. I tasted something new and delicious with each bite – which, for a foodie, is a dream come true.

This month’s Thai pop up was held at Akasha Brewing Company in NuLu; the courses were in honor of Sunshine’s Aunt Ratana. It was obvious that they were full of love.


The menu:

Nam Prik Platter: Assortment of Thai dipping sauces with vegetables, pork rinds, and Sai Grok Woo Sen sausage (by Commonwealth Cure). This sausage is a regional specialty of the Nakhon Sawan region of Thailand, where their Aunt Ratana is from.


Sakoo Sai Moo: Steamed tapioca dumplings with a sweet and spicy pork filling.


Po Pia Thawt: Fried Spring Rolls with pork and veggies.


Tod Man Khao Pod: Corn fritters made with red curry paste.


Yum Khai Dao: Spicy + sour fried egg and herb salad.

Som Tom: Green papaya salad.

Itim Khanom Pang: Coconut-Pandan ice cream sandwich (ice cream by Louisville Cream).


Thank you so much, Sunshine, for having me.


If you are in the Louisville (or surrounding) area, you should definitely check out an evening with the Culture Club. To find out about upcoming events, follow them on Facebook, visit their website, or stay up-to-date via their Instagram. Tell Sunshine that I sent ya!

As always, happy eating!

My best,


FTC: I was not compensated for this post. I, at times, am fortunate enough to receive accommodations in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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