JCP Writes | Introducing You To #FatPositiveFoodie

Hey, y’all. Today I am coming to you with a quick series announcement – one that has me excited to my core!

My friend Melissa (@YoursTruelyMelly online) and I are launching a collaboration together; today, we introduce you to #FatPositiveFoodie.


Let me introduce Melissa to you (but, more on that later as well).

She is strong.

She is confident.

She is intelligent.

She is political.

She breaks norms.

She encourages dialogue.

She is an activist.

She is a game-changer.

She is fat.

She is fabulous.

She is one of my best friends – and one-half of #FatPositiveFoodie.

Through these posts, my hope is that we will increase the visibility of both food and body positivity. We want difficult conversations to transpire. We desire to foster a respectful, encouraging, intellectual atmosphere. We aspire to change the way that you see food, how you classify your relationship with it, and how you view your body.

If you have any questions that you want us to address, please send them to me via email ( with “#FatPositiveFoodie” in the subject line or drop them in the comment section below!

Let’s change this cruel and unusual world together, y’all.

As always, happy eating!

My best,


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