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December 1, 2017

Let’s talk bagels, y’all – one of my favorite foods.

It is a privilege to be partnering up with my friends at Native Bagel Company today – a family-owned bagel, coffee, and sandwich shop located in Berea, Kentucky. The owners are a delight – genuine individuals that care about their product and their community. That’s what makes Kentucky so special.

All of their offerings are delicious and this is a place that you mustn’t miss. Doing so should be illegal.

They make their bagels like the New Yorkers do (which, as we all know, is the best method) – an 18 hour fermentation process to draw out maximum flavor. What makes Native Bagel Company special is that they add a Kentucky touch to the process. The secret? They boil the bagels in water infused with a touch of sorghum syrup. That makes this Southern Kentuckian want to hoot and holler! Yee-haw!

I want to make one thing clear: the country ham bagel panini is one of the most delicious things that I have eaten this year. It features Kentucky country ham, homemade jalapeño cream cheese, and blackberry jam. It mixes hip, stylistic flavor matching with the Appalachian cuisine that I love, adore, and was raised on — and I’m here for it. Fabulous.


The country ham bagel panini. I’m drooling, y’all.


I also loved this cinnamon raisin bagel with honey rosemary cream cheese (my favorite of the spreads made in-house).

Learn more about Native Bagel Company on their website, Instagram, and Facebook. They are located at 105 Boone Street in Berea, Kentucky. Their hours are M-F 7am-2pm, Saturdays 8 am-2pm. Tell them that JCP Eats sent you their way!

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* FTC: This is not a sponsored post; all opinions are my own.


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