Commonwealth Collaborations | A Day On The Farm In Winchester, Kentucky With Laura’s Mercantile and Laura’s Hemp Chocolates

November 22, 2017

I was honored a couple of weeks ago to be asked to attend the media event at Mt. Folly Farm in Winchester, Kentucky; the day was hosted by Laura’s Mercantile. If the name Laura sounds familiar, it’s likely due to the fact that she founded – and is the namesake of – the very successful beef company, Laura’s Lean Beef.


The event was held in a newly restored and renovated 1790 cabin. One of the magnificent things about it is that each room has a fireplace! So cozy. The cabin is going to serve as a bed and breakfast – one that all Kentuckians and visitors should visit!


Laura has always described her approach as “ahead of the times”; on her website, she writes, “Back then (Laura’s Lean Beef), I was ahead of the times, introducing antibiotic and hormone- free “healthy” beef to millions of Americans. Now, I’m doing something similar with Laura’s Hemp Chocolates, heritage grains from my farm, and other local specialties. But there is a difference.  Rather than running trucks across the country, flying people hither and yon, we are selling in retail stores locally, and using the proud post office in Winchester to ship to our other customers.”

While the entire day was lovely, let’s focus on the chocolate. Y’all know food is more of my gig. The unique thing about this product is that it is made with hemp. As the website states, “In the agrarian past, Kentucky was the #1 hemp producer in the country.  Most of the hemp was for rope, and while this was an important business, it has faded into a nostalgic haze. With the new hemp resurgence, most people are interested in the plant’s health benefits.  Hemp is not marijuana. It won’t make you high. (THC, the psychoactive chemical, level is .3 % or less)”.

This is a product that all y’all need to try out. It is rich, delicious, and – the best part – local.


S’mores! Glorious, delectable s’mores!


The day was chock-full of activities: a folk band, bottle feeding calves, a catered luncheon, taste testing, drinks, farm tours, and hay rides! Laura’s Mercantile knows how to throw a party!


I want to extend my utmost gratitude to the team for inviting JCP Eats to the event. It was great to meet and connect with fellow Kentucky bloggers, old friends, and the staff behind the operation! Please check out where you can buy the chocolates around Kentucky or consider placing an order online! For more information, visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook – and tell them that I sent ya!

Wishing you and yours a happy, food-filled, blessed Thanksgiving.

My best,


* FTC: This is not a sponsored post; all opinions are my own.


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