November 20, 2017

I consider it a privilege to be teaming up with Ale-8-One, one of my favorite beverages, this holiday season.


To quote their website: “Ale-8-One soft drink has been bottled since 1926 and is the only soft drink invented in Kentucky still in existence. Founder and inventor G. L. Wainscott began bottling soda water and several flavored drinks in a plant on North Main Street in Winchester, Kentucky, in May 1902. In 1906, he introduced Roxa-Kola, a popular rival to the cola drinks then available. After an ensuing court battle over the production of Roxa-Kola, Wainscott searched for a unique flavor for his soft-drink business. Experimenting with ginger-blended recipes acquired during extensive travels in Northern Europe, Wainscott developed the Ale-8-One formula. The product was launched July 13, 1926, and Wainscott sponsored one of America’s first “slogan” contests at the Clark County Fair. “A Late One,” the winning entry, was a pun adopted for its description as the latest thing in soft drinks.”


Ale-8-One is gearing up for the season with the holiday gift pack (pictured); it is available in stores around the Commonwealth. Along with the festive packaging, they offer many great gifts for the Kentucky fanatic in your family – apparel, mugs, and food products. Check out their online store here.

As we embark on the beginning of the holidays this week, keep businesses that are located and produce here in Kentucky in mind. They are, in effect, what makes us so very special.


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* FTC: This is not a sponsored post; all opinions are my own.

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